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Life Insurance

Life insurance stands for one of the so-many important insurance plans available. Briefly, the way a life insurance plan works is very simple: itís a legal agreement by which the insurer (the insurance company) compromises to pay a premium if in money due to the death of the insured. Thereís also the most important part on a life insurance plan, which is the beneficiary. The beneficiary is the person who is going to receive the premium upon the death of the insured (as evidently, a dead insured wouldnít be able to receive it). The beneficiary itís not specifically a part of the agreement, being designed by the owner of the life insurance plan.

A life insurance plan works to protect the financial interests of the beneficiary in case of the insuredís death. Such premium may be used to cover the costs involved in a funeral and/or other death costs or it may also be invested to guarantee remuneration for the beneficiary. In general, the beneficiary is a close relative of the insured: the personís spouse, children or parent. On the other hand, the insurer prices the policy with the obvious intent to make a profit.

Also key leads on life insurance plans in general as such plans donít cover suicide cases. That is, if the insured commit suicide (at least in a minimum period of time after signing the contract) the insurance company has the right to refuse paying the premium. Likewise, the insurer has the legal right to ask for further investigation or to refuse paying the premium if the insured dies within a short period of time after the beginning of the life insurance plan. Many factors are taken into account when an insurance company is elaborating a life insurance plan, such as the age, gender, family history, and if the insured have any habits such as smoking or heavy drinking.

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